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You know what really fucking bugs me?

When someone is in a relationship, and then spends their entire time fucking complaining about the most ridiculous fickle things.

Like ‘Oh, he’ll get this annoying song stuck in his head and keep singing it over and over. Woe is me, it’s so annoying’ or ‘She’s always complaining her hair is a mess. I wish she’d stfu, it’s only hair’.

Seriously? This is the shit you guys complain about all the fucking time. You actually have someone in your life that you love, and they love you back. Learn to fucking appreciate it and stop letting the small things bug you so much. So many people are alone/feel lonely on a daily basis, so just take a minute to actually realise what it is you have in your life, and feel fucking happy about it. You don’t know how long it’ll last. Enjoy it whilst you have it.

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